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The 24th Annual American Independence Festival will take place on July 12, 2014! Please save the date now and check back for more information.

About the Festival

Well into the evening of July 4, 1776, Philadelphia printer John Dunlap, the official printer of the Continental Congress, worked diligently at his printing press. His project: turning Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten Declaration of Independence into 200 broadsides that were then delivered to the King of England and the American colonies. New Hampshire’s copy arrived in Exeter, the Revolutionary-era capitol, on July 16, 1776. John Taylor Gilman, 22, read one of Dunlap's Broadsides of the Declaration of Independence to the townspeople of Exeter.

For more information or to be involved in the 2014 Festival, please Email us

Festival Volunteers

Critical to the success of our Festival are volunteers who staff various event sites/venues on the day of the event. Please set aside July 12 to help us make the day unforgettable! If you have volunteered in the past, welcome back. If this would be your first time, we would love to have you join us. You may wish to volunteer for a full day (9:15-4) or a ½day (9:15-1 or 1-4).

No previous experience necessary. A short orientation will be held before the Festival day. Click here for a volunteer application, or contact us at . We also have opportunities for companies interested in sending employees for the day.


The American Independence Festival is made possible by sponsorship from area companies. We rely on the support of businesses and friends so that we may: We are seeking support in levels from our Lead Corporate Sponsor at $5,000 to the support of our local merchants at $100. See our Sponsorship forms for more information, or contact us at or (603) 772-2622. Thank you for your consideration!

Artisan's Village

A special thanks to the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts for once again funding our Artisan’s Village. For 2014 we are seeking to double the size of our Artisan’s Village and offer a glimpse into Colonial Artisan techniques that include blacksmithing, millinery, coopering, and more. Please check back for more information.

Craft Marketplace

This year the Museum is seeking vendors for a Craft Marketplace component of the American Independence Festival. This new addition to our Festival will be in keeping with the mission of the Museum and the day, and will allow local artisans practicing in Colonial techniques to sell their wares. We hope more than 40 local artisans and craftsmen will participate and offer a further glimpse into Colonial life and trade. If you are interested in participating, please contact Michelle at or fill out the Craft Marketplace Form.