Discover the stories behind America’s revolutionary past and how they relate to your experiences today by visiting the American Independence Museum.


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Engage school children with a visit to the American Independence Museum! Your students will experience history through exciting and informative workshops and programs for students in grades K-12. All workshops and programs were created to meet New Hampshire curriculum standards and are taught by trained museum teachers.

If you're interested in our programs, please contact our Education Manager Abby Pietrantonio at or at 603-772-2622 for more information and so that we may reserve your space today – we are booking quickly for spring, 2015! ​

Colonial Living History Camp - 2015 - July 13 thru 18

The American Independence Museum's Colonial Living History Camp introduces campers to the world of 18th century America through hands on activities and demonstrations. Campers will learn all about 18th century military, cooking, gardening, culture and more through this week long program, with a special appearance at the annual American Independence Festival on July 18th, 2015.

Optimal for ages 8-12, boys or girls. Call (603) 772-2622 for more information or to reserve a spot today. Camp Fees: $225 for non-members, $195 for members. Download the form and mail in today. There are limited spaces. Our 2014 program sold-out!

You can learn more about the program by visiting: WMUR Chronicle - Colonial Living History Camp

Colonial Living Days

Participate in our most popular program which combines stories of revolutionary people with hands-on activities. Students see, hear and touch the everyday aspects of 18th century life with costumed museum teachers. Cost: $7 per child; we recommend 1 adult chaperone per each 6 children; additional adults, $5 each. One-on-one aides are free.

Grades 1-3

Grades 4-6


Educational Workshops

The Museum offers workshops that engage students in role play and learning among the extensive collections and exhibits at our Ladd-Gilman House Museum. Cost: $5 per child for all programs; we recommend 1 adult chaperone per 6 children; additional adults, $5 each. One-on-one aides are free.

Letters To A Young Nation
   Grades K-5, 75 Minutes
Travel back in time with the three youngest members of the Gilman Family and find out what it was like to grow up during the American Revolution. Read letters through the eyes of the Gilman children, see early American currency and create a scrapbook by using museum images and your own thoughts. Also available as a 45- minute tour without the scrapbook activity.

Roots Of Revolution - Patriot Or Loyalist?
   Grades 4 & Up, 90 Minutes
What were the deep-seated grievances and radical ideas that set us on the road to rebellion? What strategies did the colonists employ to resist British tyranny? At the time of the American Revolution, the patriot cause was radical and the outcome uncertain. Would you have had the courage and wisdom to side with the patriots against the most powerful nation on earth, a decision that might lead to a charge of treason? Recreate the temper of the times through local characters that argued passionately on both sides, and decide for yourself if you will take the Oath.

Design Your Own Tours

Make it a Day!
Visit for a Workshop, stay for Colonial Living Days! We can provide a full day of activity, your bagged lunches can be enjoyed on our Museum grounds. Cost is $10 per child.
Custom Guided Tours
Ideal for middle school or high school students, teachers bring their students for tours of the Museum with our experienced guides. Our guides can focus their discussion to the particular topic of study for the class. After your tour, hold a lecture in our Folsom Tavern, or enjoy a picnic lunch on our lawn.
Let the Students Be Your Guide
Some teachers have also assigned each student an object in our museum in advance of their visit. Students research and write short essays on their selected piece and guide their class once they are at our Museum. Our Executive Director can assist the teacher with any materials needed in advance of this lesson.
We are excited to work with you to make your visit to our Museum fit perfectly with your lesson plans and class. Call us today for more information.

Join Us!

There are three ways Educators can help our Museum - Suggest any ideas for our school programs; Become a member of our Educator’s Team; or Join as a member today!

All educators who join the American Independence Museum as a member will receive 50% off a family (regularly $50) or individual membership (regularly $35). Learn about Membership Benefits and print a form from the Membership page, email, or call (603) 772-2622.