Discover the stories behind America’s revolutionary past and how they relate to your experiences today by visiting the American Independence Museum.


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The museum gift shop is open during our regular tour season and includes books, educational toys, tee shirts, decorative items and more. If you visit the Exeter area during our off-season and would like to purchase items from the shop, please send email to to make arrangements. We appreciate your support of the American Independence Museum through your purchase of our high quality products.

We apologize that at this time we can only offer member discounts in store or over the phone. Please call (603) 772-2622

Below are the items available for purchase. Orders of $75 or more will receive a Free AIM Tote Bag.


Share the story of the American Independence Museum with a film created by Carroll Productions in 2010.

For more information about the DVD and instructions on how to purchase it, click the image at left.


Live Free or Die T-Shirt

"Live free or die! Death is not the worst of evils!" wrote New Hampshire General John Stark in 1809, in a letter responding to an invitation for the 32nd anniversary of the Battle of Bennington. New Hampshire adopted part of the phrase as its state motto in1945. Show your spirit by wearing this 90% cotton, 10% polyester shirt, available in adult sizes M - 2XL.

Price: $20.00 plus $3.95 shipping per shirt. Click on the shirt to order; be sure to select the correct size. Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL


American Independence Museum Mug

Adorned with our tagline “Connecting America’s Revolutionary Past with the Present”, our handsome navy blue mug is perfect for your daily cup of tea or coffee. The mug holds 12 ounces and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Price: $9.95 plus $4.95 per mug. Click on the mug for a larger view and for ordering instructions.



Dunlap Broadside of the Declaration of Independence

On the night of July 4, 1776, Philadelphia printer John Dunlap created approximately 200 poster-sized copies of our nation’s Declaration of Independence on his handset printing press. The copies were distributed throughout the colonies. New Hampshire’s copy arrived in Exeter on July 16, 1776 and was read aloud to the townspeople by 22-year old John Taylor Gilman. In 1985, this copy was discovered in the attic of the Ladd-Gilman House.

Our quality copies measure 16 x 20” and are mailed in a protective tube. Price: $8.00 plus $2.95 for shipping. Click on the Broadside for a larger view and for ordering instructions.


Ornament Collection

We are proud to introduce our American Independence Museum Ornament Series. This series of five enameled pieces were created by Lovell Designs in Portland, Maine. Each 2½" enameled ornament comes boxed, ready to hang, and features a different aspect of the Museum’s collection.

Price: $20 apiece plus $3 for shipping (per ornament). New! Buy all five ornaments for $95 plus $5 shipping. For larger views of both sides of the ornament and to purchase, click the ornament at left.


Ornament Five-Pack
Order all 5 ornaments from 2009 through 2013 for $95 plus $5 shipping.

For larger views of the individual ornaments, click each ornament image below.

2009: The Folsom Tavern
The 2009 ornament commemorates President George Washington’s visit to the Folsom Tavern on November 4, 1789. For more information on the tavern’s rich history, click here.


2010: The Ladd-Gilman House
The 2010 ornament features a watercolor by local artist Bill Childs of our Ladd-Gilman House, c. 1721. The building was home to a signer of the U.S. Constitution, a NH governor, as well as serving as the State Treasury during the American Revolution. It is a National Historic Landmark. For more information on the Ladd-Gilman House, click here.


2011: Declaration of Independence
The 2011 ornament features the Dunlap Broadside of the Declaration of Independence which was found in the attic of the Ladd-Gilman House in 1985. This discovery led to the museum’s founding in 1991. The document is one of 26 known copies in the world.


2012: Linked Ring of Unity
The 2012 ornament features the linked ring of colonies which was an early symbol of our nation’s unity. The emblem was used on currency and on the flag of NH’s 2nd regiment. The flag was captured by the British in 1777 and presented to King George. It was acquired by Edward Tuck, an Exeter resident, and given to the NH Historical Society in 1912.


2013: The Gilman Family Crest
The 2013 ornament features the Gilman Family Crest. Gilman family members distinguished themselves as statesmen, educators, authors, architects, businessmen, and abolitionists. Some Gilman genealogists believe that the Gilman coat of arms, which features a black leg, is derived from the story of Cilman, a knight from Wales who gallantly fights to save his town but in the process turns his leg to black. The Ladd-Gilman House, home to the Gilman family during the Revolution, has many artifacts that feature the image of the black leg from the Gilman coat of arms, including two sconces in the home’s Treat Room as well as a fire screen. Our 2013 ornament comes with the entire Cilman of the Black Leg story.

Festival Ornaments

Price $30.00
Members Only Price $25.00


1st Annual 2014 Festival Ornament
This lovely Pewter Ornament is a reproduction of the handle on the John Taylor Gilman Wedding Porringer in the museum’s collection. Dating from 1776, it commemorated the marriage between JT Gilman and Deborah Folsom.