Get them out of the classroom and experiencing a new way to learn – through all five senses.

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Our Workshops and Colonial Living Days Programs help our children experience what it was like to live in Colonial times.

This page targets children in grades 5-8; for programs in 2nd grade, please visit our Grade School Programs page.  For those students in 8th Grade, you may want to also check out our High School Programs page as we can alter those to fit your needs too!


Colonial Living Days

Colonial Living Days provides students with the opportunity to use all their senses to really understand what it was like to live in colonial America. Throughout the day, students will learn from trained re-enactors who provide inside glimpses into various facets of everyday colonial life.  Some examples of activities include:

  • Participate in a spinning demonstration and learn about the flax to linen process
  • Smell and touch medicinal herbs and learn about colonial medicine from our midwife
  • View weapons and hear stories from the Revolutionary War with a militia man
  • Learn about the resources and supplies for Revolutionary encampments and pitch a tent
  • Try out writing with a quill pen and understand how children their age learned in colonial times

Cost: $7 per child; 90 minute program.

There is a 30 student minimum requirement to book the Colonial Living Days program


Roots of Revolution – Patriot or Loyalist? – NEWLY UPDATED!

What were the deep-seated grievances and radical ideas that set us on the road to rebellion? What strategies did the colonists employ to resist British tyranny? At the time of the American Revolution, the patriot cause was radical and the outcome uncertain.

Would you have had the courage and wisdom to side with the patriots against the most powerful nation on earth, a decision that might lead to a charge of treason? Recreate the temper of the times through local characters that argued passionately on both sides and decide for yourself if you will take the Oath.

Cost: $5 per child; 90 minute program.


Colonial History Day at the Museum

Make a full day of your visit and enjoy both activities above!

Cost: $10 per child; two 90 minute programs with a break in between for on-grounds lunch.


Booking Information

We recommend 1 adult chaperone per each 6 children. Additional adults beyond the 1:6 ratio are $5 each. One-on-one aides are free.

If you’re interested in our programs, please contact our Education Manager Abby Pietrantonio at 603-772-2622 for more information. Reserve your space today – we book up to one year in advance!