Parking is available at various locations around downtown Exeter. Our recommended parking areas include:

  • The Main Street School – Exeter Public Schools is allowing us to use the lot at the Main Street School today!  Address is 40 Main Street, and it is a brief 3 minute walk to our Campus.  You may choose to drop your friends off at the Corner of Spring and Water Streets, before making a left to go to Main Street School.
  • PEA Campus – There is parking available on PEA’s Campus, just follow their signs and rules, please.
  • Municipal parking lot located on Water Street (across from the Green Bean)
  • Municipal parking lot located on Center Street (across from Russman Law offices and behind the Phillips Exeter Academy Bookstore)

We strongly discourage Street Parking as there is a brief 2 hour limit which is strictly enforced.  We also hope these spots can be left open to those needing to pop into one of our wonderful Downtown stores that day.

Important reminders on parking:

  • The Citizen’s Bank located at 11 Front Street and People’s United Bank located at 1 Center Street will be available for further parking at 12:00pm (Please do not park here before noon, parking will be available AT 12:00pm)
  • To make room for our festivities, a section of Water Street will be closed off between the intersections on Water Street and Front Street, and the intersection between Spring Street and Water Street/Main Street.
  • Swasey Parkway will be closed to vehicle traffic on Festival Day.
  • For those who need it, drop off/ pick ups are recommended at Water and Center Streets, and at Spring Street (Spring Street is one way off of Front Street).