School Year Programs

We have a variety of education programs perfect for grade kindergarten to twelfth grade.  Read more about our offerings below.

School programs for the 2019 calendar year are funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.

Letters to a Young Nation (grades K-2)
Travel back in time with the three youngest members of the Gilman family and find out what it was like to grow up during the American Revolution. Children will see history through the eyes of the Gilman children and create a scrapbook of their visit using museum images.

Cost: $7.00 per child; 90 minute program.

Roots of Revolution – Patriot or Loyalist? (grades 5+)
What were the deep-seated grievances and radical ideas that set us on the road to rebellion? What strategies did the colonists employ to resist British tyranny? At the time of the American Revolution, the patriot cause was radical and the outcome uncertain.

Would you have had the courage and wisdom to side with the patriots against the most powerful nation on earth, a decision that might lead to a charge of treason? Recreate the temper of the times through local characters that argued passionately on both sides and decide for yourself if you will take the Oath.

Cost: $6 per child; 90 minute program.

Students as Tour Guides (grades 8-12)
Make your students’ trip to the museum memorable by making them be the tour guide.  When the roles are reversed and students become the tour guides, it gives them a unique opportunity to learn history from a different perspective.  It also allows them to learn valuable skills in research, presentation preparation and public speaking.

Assign students an object in the museum ahead of time, and then let them present their research findings to the class on the day of your visit.  Our Education Manager can assist the teacher with any materials needed in advance of this lesson.

Cost: $5 per child; 60-90 minute program.

Colonial Living Days (grades 1-12)
Allow your young students to experience history for themselves, with a variety of fun activities. Throughout the day, your students may:

  • Don colonial clothing and learn about the wardrobe of a colonial child
  • Hear about the day in the life of a militia man from a local Revolutionary War participant
  • Try out some colonial games, including hoops and graces
  • Participate in a mock one-room school house demonstration
  • Hear stories of sailors and maritime adventures
  • Learn about the history behind our American flag

Cost: $8 per child; 90 minute program.

There is a 30 student minimum requirement to book the Colonial Living Days program

Booking Information

All programs have a 50 participant limit, which includes both students and adults. Teachers and aides are free of charge and additional chaperones are $5 per person.


  • School programs are available on Wednesdays and Fridays; advance reservations are required.
  • Due to the historic nature of the buildings, the Museum and grounds are not handicap accessible.

​Please contact Education Manager Abigail Pietrantonio at or at 603-772-2622 for more information and​ to book your program. ​We book up to one year in advance!​