2017 Seasonal Exhibits

Propaganda: From the Revolution to the Present

Propaganda has been used throughout our history to sway public opinion.  During the American Revolution, propaganda was used frequently, more so than you may realize.  Colonists were fighting against a superpower and had to convince not only the world to t heir cause, but even their own population who saw themselves as British citizens.  Britain also used propaganda to try and bolster their country in a fight that, like the French and Indian War, was unfolding on another continent.  Today, forms of propaganda can be found everywhere, with politics and war time campaigns still the most common and are the easiest to find in newspapers, poster, and social media.  Social media, internet, photographs, and smartphones have created instant sharing, which has changed the landscape of communication.  As our technology continues to grow and change, so will propaganda in new, unexpected ways.  This exhibit examines the history of propaganda and where it is going today.



Colonial Cordwainers

Shoemaking was a different process in Colonial times than it is today.  Shoemakers, called cordwainers, held a special importance to the colonists, who faced rugged and wild conditions compared to England, and arrived fairly early in Colonial America.  Shoe use to be made by hand.  A store would  have a selection of ready-made shoes, but the cordwainer would have to make these or custom shoes in specific styles and materials.  The cordwainer could also make what was known as a last (model) of a customers foot, which would be stored in the event of future purchases.  Come and learn what else was different in the colonial shoe making process!

This exhibit was researched and created by Heather Kenny, one of our interns for the 2016 Summer Internship Program.