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When the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire first began the process of forming the American Independence Museum in 1990, all parties involved agreed they were engaged in a pivotal and highly relevant endeavor.  One individual noted, “(This Museum) has the potential of becoming one of the best house museums pertaining to the Revolutionary War period in New England, if not the Country.”

26 years later, those associated with the American Independence Museum bear witness to a resurgence of the initial excitement. Today, the Museum is at an important crossroads, as it determines what steps need to be taken to attract and better serve the local population, schoolchildren and visitors from around the globe.

Indeed, the Museum has tremendous potential to welcome many hundreds more schoolchildren alone and provide them with hands-on learning about our struggle for independence. Other institutions, often hours away, cannot possibly tell the same story as ours. However, support is needed to invest in staffing and programs for our educational offerings so we may welcome even more students in 2017—especially those within mere minutes of the Museum.

Our thinking is ambitious, but realistic. Within our published Strategic Plan we have set forth objectives that clearly define how we will achieve the following goals: 1) Increase awareness of our presence on the Seacoast and 2) Increase our membership and visitation. To achieve these goals, we need to develop and enhance our current programming in an effort to make it more relevant to people of today and we particularly want to forge new relationships and partnerships to further strengthen our fiscal sustainability.

With your personal gift, we can reach the next stage in the evolution of OUR Museum and remain a cultural resource for the community. Join us and help us reach more people throughout New Hampshire and New England, as we tell the important story of the American Revolution.


Susan Y. Desjardins

President, Board of Governors

new hampshire

The reading of the Declaration of
Independence at the American Independence Festival.

American Independence Museum

The Ladd-Gilman house and
location of our museum in
Exeter, New Hampshire.

Exeter NH

The Folsom Tavern, a historic inn
and tavern open for public viewing.

Results of 2016 Support

2016 Annual Report

For a full listing of our accomplishments in 201, please visit our 2016 Annual Report.

The American Independence Museum is recognized by the IRS and the State of New Hampshire as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Gifts to our 1776 Fund are unrestricted and especially valuable in enabling the Museum to meet its programming goals. Gifts of all denominations are welcomed at any time, and may include cash, securities, and other gifts.

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