What is the Ladd-Gilman House?

The earlies mention of the Ladd-Gilman House is actually its property.  IN 1714 Peter Coffin, Sr. gave his grandson Eliphalet Coffin all of his land, which includes the property where the Ladd-Gilman House sits today.  It is believed that this land was in Peter’s possession as early as 1690.

Catpain Nathaniel Ladd bought from Eliphalet 1 1/2 acres of land for 100 Pounds.  It is noted that he moved into a brick house on this land he bought sometime after 1721.

Nathaniel Ladd begins to divide his house to his two oldest sons.  In 1738 he gives the western half of his house to Josiah and Elias, while Nathaniel continues to live in the eastern side until 1747, where he give the eastern side fully to Elias.  Around that same year, Elias deeds his eastern half to Co. Daniel Gilman.

In 172 the first addition is added by Daniel Gilman to the eastern side of the house.  He adds on rooms for his son, Nicholas Gilman, Sr. and his new wife Ann Taylor.  This is also the time when the house is covered in clapboards, most likely to match the new addition which was built out of wood.

By 1777 the entirety of the house is sold to the Gilmans, though it is more than likely that the Ladds had moved out of the house long before then.  Josiah had sold his western half of the house to his eldest son Simon and his wife Ruth.  Family size averaged 13 people per household, and Simon and Ruth had already started their family.  Moving their family to share a house with another was most likely an unattractive idea and Simon sold his part of the house to the Gilmans.