Our Mission

The American Independence Museum promotes awareness, increases understanding and celebrates the freedoms of American Independence to recognize the many facets of the founding of our Nation, and to encourage and inspire civic engagement today.

Founded in 1991 with the strength and guidance of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire, the Exeter Community and the State of New Hampshire, the American Independence Museum is a place where all can learn and celebrate what it took to create the freedoms that we as Americans continue to enjoy hundreds of years later.

Located in Exeter, New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capital, the Museum is today in a unique position to serve residents, schoolchildren and area visitors by making our past relevant and fun so we may ignite a passion in them. We want to encourage people to appreciate all those who fought for our freedom, continue to fight for it, and ultimately become interested and invested in the politics of today.

We believe we can learn from the past and apply it to the future.

Ladd-Gilman House

Our Vision

The American Independence Museum will be a premier center for education, study and celebration of events, people, places and ideas that played a role in the struggle for American Independence and the founding of our Nation. History is living, exciting, relevant and fun and should be enjoyed by all.

Our vision is bold, but important, and should be attained by 2020. With a world class collection of items pertaining to the American Revolution and the founding of our Nation, with two beautiful historic structures and a one acre campus in downtown Exeter, and with a fleet of volunteers, students, and leaders, we seek to be a premier center on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Southern Maine and Northern Massachusetts by achieving the following priorities:

Educate & Inspire: Ensuring a relevant, engaging & educational visitor experience.

Welcome: Create a stable campus & safe environment for visitors through effective infrastructure.

Preserve: Elevate our care & conservation of our precious artifacts, archives and library.

Ensure: A diverse & sustainable financial foundation for our institution to last for many years to come.

Enlist: Attract, train and celebrate staff & volunteers with expertise in our mission.

For more information, please contact Rob Levey.

 Explore Our Offerings

Dunlap Broadside

An original copy of the Declaration of Independence

Ladd-Gilman House

A National Historic Landmark & Governor’s Mansion

Folsom Tavern

George Washington Ate Here

New Exhibits

New exhibits include “The Currency of Colonial America: the Struggle for Economic Independence.”


Thousands of items pertaining to America’s Revolutionary history

Society of the Cincinnati

The Nation’s Oldest Patriotic Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many inquiries from students around the globe looking to learn more about the Declaration of Independence, our Dunlap Broadside and our work. Check our some of our FAQs.