The Traveling Trunk program brings a high quality educational experience directly into schools, libraries, senior centers and other public places.

Traveling Trunk Sponsor for 2017/18 School Year

For the 2017/2018 school year, Service Credit Union is sponsoring a trunk, which will be delivered to school districts throughout NH at no cost. This is a fantastic partnership and one that not only educates kids in the classroom, but outside of it, as families of children served by this program can visit the Museum for FREE. 

Traveling Trunk Program 

The program is FREE and was designed with the the Four Cs of 21st century learning in mind: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. This program is also flexible in that our educator can also come to your classroom/facility and present a lesson with materials from the trunk at no cost to you!

Why History?
Long gone are the days of students simply memorizing facts and dates in history class. Today, best practices related to the teaching of history actively encourage research, judgment of the accuracy and reliability of sources, validation of facts, and an awareness of multiple perspectives and biases.

Who is this program for?
Inside the trunk, which features more than 70 items, you’ll find a binder with lesson plans and ideas for classroom activities. Although the program’s lesson plans are specifically designed with grades 5 through 8 in mind, the program may be customized to suit younger students. You may also include your own lesson plans in the curriculum binder.

Key program elements

  • Utilize lesson plans to dig deeper and learn more.
  • Read books and documents relating to the Revolution.
  • Touch and try on reproduction 18th century clothing and accessories.

Trunk Items Sample List

Girls chemise
Womans pockets
Girls skirt
Girl shortgown
Girls apron
Boys’ workshirt
Boy’s knee breeches
Boys’ waistcoat
Rev War coat
Civilian Coat
Musket balls
Wooden dice
Leather apron
Cup & ball
Bilbo catcher

Pocket compass
Horn comb
British currency
Pocket watch
Tin canteen
Wooden spoon
Powder horn
Marbled notebook
Playing cards
Purple hearts
Colonial currency
Dunlap Broadsides
Wooden dominoes
Leather leggings
Red sash

Contact Us

If you’re interested in the programs, please contact our Education Manager Abigail Pietrantonio at or 603-772-2622 for more information.